White Women's Short Sleeve T Shirt With Black Ethereum Diamond Logo

Women's Ethereum T Shirt 4 | Ethereum Clothes | Krypto Threadz

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Wow! These Women’s Ethereum Short Sleeve White T Shirts by Krypto Threadz are a sure classic. The elegant cut of these feminine Krypto Threadz women's Tees will leave you and others impressed. Look your best with a Krypto  Threadz T Shirt and pay with ETH for your purchase. Support mass adoption. The more we transact in crypto, the more its use because more widespread.

Tech Fact: Ethereum's smart contracts are coded in a language called "Solidity". Solidity is an object-oriented high-level language that was influenced by languages like C++ and Python. ERC-20 is a technicle standard that the majority of Ethereum's smart contracts are written in. There are other ERC standards as well that are becoming increasingly more popular.