White Baby Bib With Blue Trim and White and Blue Litecoin Logo
White Baby Bib With Pink Trim and White and Blue Litecoin Logo
Grey Baby Bib With Blue and White Litecoin Logo

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Here at Krypto Threadz we believe in starting the youth off young! These Beautifully Embroidered Litecoin Baby Bibs are Available Now in 3 Colors; Blue, Pink, & Grey. If you are looking for Litecoin Clothing For Your Baby These Krypto Threadz Litecoin Baby Bibs Are a Must! Our Litecoin Baby Clothes Are Made For Comfort With Your Litecoin Baby In Mind. Pay with Litecoin | Pay with Bitcoin | Pay With Ethereum | Pay With Bitcoin Cash

Tech Fact: Who is Satoshi Lite? No he is not just a cartoon Chikun, he is an actual person! I know you may have thought him to be nothing more than one of the four Magical Crypto Friends. Satoshi Lite is none other than the creator of Litecoin, the infamous Charlie Lee.

Charlie Lee forked Bitcoin and released his version to the public on October 13, 2011 and created the Litecoin Blockchain. He considers Litecoin as silver, while Bitcoin is gold. It is open source, public, and permissionless. He is currently the Manufacturing Director of the Litecoin Foundation. Charlie Lee has a long history in technology and Blockchain as he worked full time at Coinbase before leaving to pursue his interests in Litecoin fulltime.