White Baby Bib With Light Blue Trim Embroidered Bitcoin Logo
Grey Baby Bib With White Trim Embroidered Bitcoin Logo
White Baby Bib With Pink Trim Embroidered Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin Baby Bibs | Bitcoin Baby Clothes | Krypto Threadz

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Beautifully Embroidered Bitcoin Baby Bibs Available Now in 3 Colors; Blue, Pink, & Grey. If you are looking for Bitcoin Clothing For Your Baby These Krypto Threadz Bitcoin Baby Bibs Are a Must! Our Krypto Threadz Bitcoin Baby Clothes Are Made For Comfort With Your Bitcoin Baby In Mind. Pay with Bitcoin | Pay with Bitcoin Cash | Pay With Ethereum | Pay With Litecoin

Tech Fact: Bitcoin, or BTC as its trading ticker is listed has a finite and limited supply. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in existance. Bitcoin are created through a process called mining. Gold is mined from the ground and it takes effort and resources to find it and pull it out of the ground. Many people view Bitcoin as a digital gold. It has turned out to be a great store of value, no matter how volatile it may be. It also requires effort and resources to "mine" it from the ground. Current estimates are that 4 million BTC have been lost and are no longer in circulation. That leaves only a possibility of 17 million Bitcoin being out there in circulation when the last Bitcoin is mined!