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These Bitcoin socks from Krypto Threadz are super dope! They are extra comfortable thanks to their cushioned bottom. The socks are black with Krypto Threadz Bitcoin artwork printed along the leg with crisp, bold colors that won't fade. Pay for your Bitcoin clothing with Bitcoin at checkout if you so please.  

• 60% nylon/22% cotton/18% spandex
• Crew length
• Cushioned bottom
• Ribbed leg

Tech Fact: The "Genesis" Block is the very first block that is mined in a blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin mined the first or Genesis block for the Bitcoin Blockchain on January 3rd, 2009. Satoshi left a cryptic message in the Genesis block most probably as a statement to why Bitcoin was needed after the environment of the 2008 financial crisis. It read: "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks"


Size guide

  M L XL
US men (inches) 7-8 8 ½-11 ½ 12-15
US women (inches) 8 ½-9 ½ 10-13 13 ½-16 ½
EU (inches) 39-41 42-45 ½ 46-49
UK (inches) 6-7 ½ 8-11 11 ½-14 ½