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Men's Cardano Short Sleeve T-Shirts by Krypto Threadz. All Krypto Threadz T Shirts are available in sizes S-XXXL. These Cardano Tees are available in both Soft Tee and Rugged Tee shirt styles. Our Soft Shirt is great for cool weather and has a light and comfortable feel to it. Krypto Threadz Rugged Tee's are made from a thick cotton or cotton/polyester blend which just speaks durability.

When you place an order at Krypto Threadz you can be sure all of your Crypto Gear is of the highest quality make and material. Pay with Bitcoin. Pay With Litecoin. Pay with 11 different cryptos and support mass adoption. 

Tech Fact: Cardano is the flagship project being developed by a company name IOHK. IOHK was created in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood. Cardano is a public decentralized Blockchain that uses the cryptocurrency ADA. ADA was named in honor of Ada Lovelace who was a mathmetician and one of the first actual computer programmers! The ADA supply cap has been set at 45,000,000,000, or forty-five billion Ada.