Charcoal Grey Cotton Mesh Snapback With Blue and White Litecoin Logo

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This Krypto Threadz Masterpiece Never Ceases to Impress! Imagine a Charcoal Grey Snapback With the Traditional Blue and White Litecoin Logo in the Front and a Superior Cotton Mesh in the Back. Five Panel Cap, 100% Cotton Front / 100% Polyester Mesh Back. Head Circumference - 22 1/2“ to 24 3/8“. Our Litecoin Hat Logos are Embroidered Beautifully and Made From All High Quality Materials. Here at Krypto Threadz Our Litecoin Hats and Litecoin T Shirts are #1 in the Market for Cryptocurrency Related Clothing and Apparel. You Will Not Be Disappointed!

Tech Fact: Litecoin is seen by many as a testing ground for Bitcoin. Many tech changes that are brought up as improvements to Bitcoin are built on Litecoin first. In Bitcoin changes are very hard to implement. We know who created Litecoin. Charlie Lee. In Bitcoin we know Satoshi created it, but we do not know who he is. This makes a huge difference. There is a Litecoin Foundation. These simple facts allow upgrades to Litecoin to be much more easily accepted. There exists some form of governance, though decentralized it may be.

In Bitcoin even a minor change is very hard to be adopted. If a change were to create a Hard Fork, a split in the chain may happen. People do not want this. For an upgrade to Bitcoin to happen, everyone somehow needs to adopt the change. No point of central control exists so how do you make someone adopt something they don't agree with? I imagine you can see the dilemma. As an example SegWit or Segregated Witness was adopted on Litecoin before it was finally, and not easily, adopted on Bitcoin.