Censorship and its Effect on Crypto Activities on Social Media Platforms

Crypto Censorship

The centralization of the traditional social media platforms gives more power to the companies than the users, and that is why they can wake up one morning and decide they want to censor crypto adverts, promotions, and discussions out of their platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. have for several reasons made it difficult for projects involved in the crypto space to thrive on their platforms.

An Example of Krypto Threadz

Censorship of crypto products has made it difficult for crypto merchandise stores like Krypto Threadz to place adverts about their brand and products on different social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have actually banned their url from being shared on either platform. However, it can’t deter them from growing, because you can just visit the website and get some cool crypto themed shirts, and pay with crypto.

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